Course syllabus managerial accounting

If you don't know if a job in business is for you, this class might help you decide. Your attire is particularly important when dealing with anyone outside of the class. Firm owners must also decide how to reward their managers.

Managerial Accounting Fundamentals

Managers' roles continue to evolve away from dictatorial and authoritarian models to those emphasizing negotiation, coaching, collaboration, and consensus building. About half of the questions are conceptual and the other half are quantitative.

As a user of accounting reports investor, creditor, employee, or other stakeholdergiven the accounting numbers management reported for an economic event and their accounting choices, you will want to know how the numbers were recorded and how they affect accounting reports.

By this, we mean the work you turn in must be your own, as opposed to copied from another. Use of electronic devices during normal class hours distracts other students, disrupts the class, and wastes valuable time.

To calculate your course participation points, use the following formula: You are expected to register your clicker by the third class meeting and to bring it with you to every class meeting. Statement about Cheating You are on your honor not to cheat during an exam. This approach is so named because the activities that normally occur 'in-class' the lectures are assigned for coverage outside of class.

If there is evidence that you have cheated or plagiarized in an exam, the exam will be declared invalid, and you will fail the course.

zjc accounting syllabus

Make-up exams will be given only in unforeseeable and extraordinary situations. Promoting Originality One or more of your course activities may utilize a tool designed to promote original work and evaluate your submissions for plagiarism.

Only completed courses can be recognised in your degree. The content of each will cover the same material as the original exam. Writing mechanics and APA formatting are also considered in grading.

You are also required to submit a preliminary outline for this project. Your appearance and behavior matter in the business world. These articles may be accessed through the databases available to you as a student of Thomas Edison State University.

Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in Young Hall from 9: For example, users of financial reports must first know where companies report their accounting policies to judge the quality of the related numbers meet the judgment challenge and they must know where to find the appropriate formulas to meet the computation challenge.

Students who fail to notify the instructor in advance or fail to present documentation of a verifiable emergency earns will be assigned a zero grade on a missed exam. Circumstances under which information may be released: Each of these has a scaled-down version available on-line as well as reduced rates for students.

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Other readings will also be assigned during the semester. Charles Moyer, and Frederick H. Find out more Member Network Whether you're looking for a qualified accountant who can offer business advice and accounting services or a member wanting to network with peers, find out more about CIMA's member network.

If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the Coordinator, Office for Disability ServicesRoomin the Madison Monroe Building. Managers, the decision makers in firms, determine their pricing strategy, who to hire and fire, how to reward workers, and how to motivate workers.

The email must specify what information may be given and the name of the person to whom it may be given. Online discussions 5 —10 percent Examinations proctored online, 3 —40 percent Exam 1—15 percent.

Quality decision making has never been more important — or difficult. You will be able to view the rubrics that will be used to evaluate each of the parts of your final project. You are expected to be fully prepared for class. Many at the forefront of accounting education have goals generally consistent with this course objective.

Click on Degree Evaluation. Do you have access to enough information? Topics include forecasting consumer demand, production and cost analysis, optimal pricing and production decisions, sensitivity analysis, and capital budgeting.

You must bring blank 4" x 6" note cards and your clicker for participation purposes on a daily basis.Course Syllabus. Jump to Today Course Syllabus & Information: COURSE DESCRIPTION - The study of the use and reporting of accounting data for managerial planning, cost control, and decision making purposes which includes a broad coverage of concepts, classifications, and behaviors of costs.

Syllabus For Capital Investment Analysis – Murray State Department of Economics and Finance. Syllabus for Capital Investment Analysis (FIN – on-line section) The material to be covered will include financial analysis and forecasting, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Corporate Finance, and Quantitative Management Science.

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive and contemporary foundation for the kinds of accounting data used by managers in organizations today. Throughout the course, the focus is on the acquisition, analysis and application of accounting information in the management decision process.

2 C. Course: Upon completion of this course a student should be able to: 1. understand and discuss current cost management strategies and their roles in decisions for cost. Analyze, explain, solve problems and apply managerial accounting principles to manufacturing and service enterprises within a business entity.

Interpret relevant accounting data in manual and computerized accounting information systems useful for decision making about business entities.

Course syllabus managerial accounting
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